How to install iOS 17 Beta Profile

How to install iOS 17 Beta Profile Free

How to install iOS 17 Beta Profile Free. Download Beta Profiles. We understand the main motivations that they usually have to install betas and that is that being able to try the new features of iOS 17 before the general public is very tempting. Now, these are unstable versions that can generate all kinds of errors, these being the most common and tedious:

  • Higher battery consumption.
  • Unexpected restarts.
  • Applications that crash or do not open directly.
  • Not being able to access all the new features.
  • iPhone overheating.
  • Inability to make calls or problems during them.

In addition to knowing the risks, it is important to make a previous backup to be able to restore later.

6 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 17 Beta

Similarly, you must have a compatible iPhone. We remind you that this version is available for iPhone 8 and later, leaving out the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE (1st gen.), 7 and 7 Plus.

These errors may not appear or at least not all at the same time. Similarly, you may have an acquaintance who does not experience problems and you do. In the end there is always a somewhat random factor in this and therefore we recommend you do it at your own risk. Our advice is that you don’t stay with the desire to try the news, but try to do it on a device that you don’t use regularly if possible.

For all this, it is also recommended to make a backup of the iPhone so that, in case you have to remove the beta and return to iOS 16, you can have all your data available again.

How to install iOS 17 Beta Profile

Faced with situations like today’s, it is possible to find many false and doubtful profiles. Therefore, to download the developer profile, we advise you to go to a website like Beta Profiles, which will allow you to download the iOS 17 developer profile by following these steps:

  1. From the iPhone, go to the aforementioned iOS Profile Download website.  (Write your email address in the comments for the download link.)
  2. Locate the “iOS 17 Beta Profile” section and click on Install Profile. If a warning appears on the web, click “Install anyway” and in the iOS pop-up click “Allow”.
  3. Now open the mobile settings and click on “Downloaded profile” at the top.
  4. Now click on “Install” at the top right.
  5. Click “Restart Now” if you get a pop-up window suggesting it or do it yourself manually.
  6. Once iPhone is back on, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  7. Wait for iOS 17 beta to appear and click “Download to install”.

Once you do this, the third beta of iOS 17 will begin to download, for which it is recommended to be connected to a WiFi network and be patient. And it is that not only is this a heavy version, but it is also possible that the servers are somewhat saturated and the download takes several hours.


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